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Ritesh Warade

652 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ritesh Warade 652 days ago
Demo application: transitrealtime.com
  • username: Demo
  • password: Demo2016!
681 days ago
Thomas C #GTFS How to Govern?? how to manage GTFS - the spec?
Sean B Facilitators:
  • Aaron Antrim - Trillium Solutions, Inc.
  • Sean Barbeau (barbeau@cutr.usf.edu) - Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida
Agenda - To discuss:
  • A directory to help to disseminate, discuss, and annotate GTFS/-realtime datasets
  • Best practices or style guide for GTFS/-realtime
  • A neutral, and inclusive home for GTFS & GTFS-realtime, including reference, documentation, training, and tools
Blog by Aaron with more details - bitly.com/GTFS-tomorrow
Thomas C Need for central repository
  • gtfs-data-exchange.com is unreliable
  • is transitfeeds.com a solution?
  • not yet: run by one developer. Can't be assured of staying power.
  • transit.land ? unclear what the long term intention of the software is.
Raphael D Best practices:
  • Ritesh (IBI): Typically agencies have been producing GTFS by getting an add-on to their scheduling software
Thomas C
  • spec definition process has worked well as led by Google in keeping the specification tight
  • As there's been more producers and consumers, practices have become diverse
  • Deeper problem: there's more than one use case for GTFS
Raphael D Does GTFS need a foundation?:
  • OSM set one up
  • volunteer orgs tend to tire out
  • Hand it over Google?
  • Concerns about migration away from Google stewardship:
  • There are countries like India where Google is the only player
  • Breaking the success of GTFS
Thomas C Needs for the new governance structure:
  • a systematic way of identifying the needs of producers and consumers
  • "levels of compliance ratings": "this is optional, but, if you provide it you are enabling _____"
  • e.g. "silver, gold, platinum"? or more like "valid for _____"
Raphael D
  • data quality
  • missing fields
  • extra fields
  • Best practices guide for handling agencies that add columns to feeds
  • not necessarily easy to make csv to database conversion gracefully handle extra columns
Allison R
  • Need for directory to have additional features
  • validation / meta information / fields used and practices / user comments(?)
  • forkable documentation
Raphael D
  • best practices guide for extending the specs
  • Should foundation govern only GTFS or include GTFS-SUM, GBFS?
Allison R
  • Possibly follow opentraffic.io path?
  • Brainstorm host institutions
Thomas C
  • TransitCenter
  • Open Knowledge Foundation
Raphael D
  • Raphael Dumas (Interested party) radumas@alum.mit.edu 
Thomas C
  • Aaron Antrim - Trillium - aaron@trilliumtransit.com
  • Richard Carman - WMATA - rmcarman@wmata.com 
Kurt R
  • Kurt Raschke - kurt@kurtraschke.com
Allison R
  • Sean Barbeau - Center for Urban Transportation Research @ University of South Florida - barbeau@cutr.usf.edu, @sjbarbeau
Philip A
  • Phil Ashlock - Data.gov - philip.ashlock@gsa.gov
Allison R
  • Yvan Martino - yvanmartino@locus.is
  • Dwight Martino - dwightMartino@cityv3.com
Ken C
  • Kenneth Conaway - kencon06umd@gmail.com
Peter M
  • Peter Miller - ITO World Ltd peter.miller@itoworld.com
Andrew O
  • Andrew Owen - UMN Accessibility Observatory - aowen@umn.edu
Jurgis P
  • Jurgis Pasukonis - TRAFI - jurgis@trafi.com
Ritesh W
  • Ritesh Warade - IBI Group ritesh.warade@ibigroup.com riteshwarade
laura r
  • Laura Riegel - IBI Group Laura.riegel@ibigroup.com
681 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Frank Hebbert , Sean Barbeau , Ritesh Warade , Aaron Antrim 681 days ago
Accessibility and Public Transit: Open Discussion on Challenges
Frank H
  • Open Discussion on Challenges, What would a good experience look like?
  • How do we create that experience?
  • What data do we need?
  • Real time elevator status
Sean B GTFS-Flex:
  • Targets demand-response transits service, but primarily from trip planning perspective
  • E.g., flex-route, zone service
  • Does not include eligibility requirements or vehicle/path accessibility
How to address service/infrastructure gaps for individuals with disabilities?
  • Pedestrian paths
  • Vehicle
GTFS pathways proposal - pedestrian infrastructure, accessibility not primary focus
  • Information technology itself could be a barrier
  • filled accessible seats in vehicles
  • stop - no shelter, sidewalks
  • Driver experience and behavior (need (sensitivity) training to help individuals with disabilities)
  • Storing sensitive information about riders
  • Medical records and HIPPA
  • Real-time paratransit vehicle locations being publicly shared, others can reverse engineer home addresses and names of locations where it stops, tie that with medical treatment locations/service
  • Smartphone use can be challenging on vehicles due to lack of wireless service coverage
Cross-cutting from fixed route with accessible vehicles, to paratransit service designed for individuals with disabilities
Real-time elevator status:
Map of NYC accessible subway stations:
One-click open-source software by Cambridge Systematics
Aaron A
  • Features
  • Search for available transit services by eligibility restrictions (age, disability status, veteran status, specialized medical transportation eligibility, etc.)
  • Menu of various transportation options, including specialized and non-specialized
  • User account systems that remembers eligibility // there are issues about user privacy to work with here (HIPAA, etc.)
  • Data
  • DRT service area
  • Eligibility restrictions
Sean B USDOT Accessible Transportation Technologies 
Research Initiative (ATTRI) - http://www.its.dot.gov/attri/
Aaron A
  • Types of special needs
  • Agorophobia, anxiety -- shows a need for a feature to avoid crowded spaces and vehicles
Sean B
  • Visually-impaired
  • Auditory impairments - hard/impossible to hear audible announcements on transit vehicle
  • Developmental disabilities - autism, 
  • Mobility-impairments - stairs/escalators

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