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Martin Williams

681 days ago
Aaron Z Speakers - please ask that someone take notes in this Hackpad. Instructions and wi-fi info on the back of the agenda.
What are the main sustainability challenges?
  • congestion/parking: capacity is not (always) the answer
  • transportation's impact on consumption patterns
Ericka A
  • Land use is permanently engrained
Aaron Z
  • Sometimes it's more convenient to drive (or so it seems)
  • fear of the unknown and cultural factors that discourage mode shift
What can the transportation industry do to address these challenges? 
  • Access to information
  • Make non-automotive modes more convenient and safe, stick to fundamentals (Human Transit book), and driving less appealing
  • Tie the benefits of sustainability with other public benefits i.e. public health, economic development, etc. and know your potential audience and their priorities.
What are its strengths in this regard?
  • rise of new tech
What opportunities and threats does the industry face?
  • Limited experience in transit ridership
  • Know your competition in the transportation industry
  • Limited coordination between entities and universal standards for transportation systems
  • Limited access to quality data
  • Gas tax funding could go down, alternate revenue sources needed. Then again reduced driving can save money in reduced health costs etc.
  • How do we work in less densely-populated areas i.e. suburbs, rural?
Jeff R Land use is essential - you can't shift a sufficient number of trips to walk/bike/transit unless there are enough short trips to shift
Aaron Z VMT / CO2 as bottom line: Uber/Lyft doesn't reduce GHG unless it shifts car _ownership_?
Jeff R Four key points of sustainable transportation: policy, design, technology, culture - culture is the real challenge - can we capitalize on (or accelerate) the millennial shift to walkable places?
What are the reasons to invest in transit if congestion is not an issue?

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