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Kush Bhagat

673 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Kush Bhagat 673 days ago
With a certain metric, what type of city would maximize from it?
  • Important to explain how a score can be improved
Value of talking about the destination: makes the network/route substitute-able
  • But the scales are so different between modes, pedestrian kind of always looks like it is failing since you can't get nearly so far as you can in a car
  • Can address this by showing change in each individual mode over time
  • Often times it can just be impossible to figure out exact numbers in the future
  • Hard to think about good cases of leading indicators, particularly for planning purposes (operational uses a bit easier to see): real estate sales? gas prices (Metro uses to estimate budgetary economics)
Also in planning, failing can force some reconsideration of what you're doing - regional plan shows that the east side of the region is getting worse in terms of accessibility, but that's because of their choices and investments.
673 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Kush Bhagat 673 days ago
Periscope link: @TransitMatters: https://t.co/TtcJHDneGk
  • Don't building a system for somebody else; build for the people there
Kush B
  • The question you should always be asking is "What does the system need to do an be for my daughter to ride it?, for my mom to ride it?, for my grandfather to ride it?, for my deaf cousin to ride it?......."

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